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Here’s The Problem With Big Data

Wasted time, heavy queries,
usage peaks, wasted money.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

Introducing Deep Predictive Cache.

Accelerate your Apache Druid query time by up to 10 times with external layer of caching.

Significantly Faster Queries

Up to 10x Faster Queries.

By pre-populating Apache Druid's cache with predicted queries and with the support of an external cache layer on Memecached, we're able to return significantly faster results.

Through our product, we predict what queries will happen at what time and pre-fetch and pre-cache them.

Easy Setup

Get set up within a few hours, we'll take care of the heavy lifting.

Once we understand your configuration, we need a week of historical data to get started.

Complete and full control over cache invalidation/refresh given the importance of user, query or the time period.

No limits to number of users or usage.

Excellent Support

Druid raw data extractor.

Enable all historical data on-demand going years back to other teams (e.g. Data Scientists).

Re-process historical data without Druid cluster involved (for extraction).

Reduce data duplication by huge margins between the data lake and Druid Deep Storage.
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