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Say hello to Druid on Steroids.

Discover a range of unique tools and extensions we've built on top of Druid and take your analytics, data processing and monitoring to the next level.

Deep Predictive Cache

Accelerate your query time up to 10 times with external layer of caching.

Users viewing the same dashboards issuing the same queries repeatedly get served by the cached result on memcache.

Result cache doesn't get invalidated as often with real-time events.

Complete and full control over cache invalidation/refresh given the importance of user, query or the time period.
Apache Druid Business Intelligence Dashboards Reporting

Deep Explorer

Easy cloud Druid-powered analytics.

Ad-hoc exploratory dashboards.

Enterprise KPI dashboards.

Visual query builder.

API for embedded analytics, custom products and reporting.

User management.

Dashboards access and privacy settings.

Authorization and Authentication for users and APIs.

Deep Segment Reader

Druid raw data extractor.

Enable all historical data on-demand going years back to other teams (e.g. Data Scientists).

Re-process historical data without Druid cluster involved (for extraction).

Reduce data duplication by huge margins between the data lake and Druid Deep Storage.

Deep Watch

Large Scale Druid Monitoring and Tuning.

Analyze metrics on a very large scale.

Analyze API usage and dashboard usage.

Optimize performance and fine tune every aspect of the cluster.

Slice and dice to find root causes of performance issues.
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