The next generation BI & AI platform for enterprises

The next generation BI & AI
platform for enterprises.

Real-time, fast & flexible empowerment for your data analysts, product teams and management.
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User habits & engagement, product & content performance and monetization for publishers, streaming platforms, SaaS


AI optimized campaign performance,
ad performance measurement and ad viewability for agencies, brands and publishers


Fraud detection, speed of service and customer habits for restaurants and other offline & online retail


Data Warehouse & Analytics 


Collection, enrichment and analysis of big amounts of data

Collect, query and analyze terabytes of data in seconds.

Complex queries are a thing of the past with Deep.BI’s platform, where you can define your custom metrics from a variety of self-created metrics and those obtained from our data enrichment pipeline. We are able to process multiple terrabytes and billions of events of data per day at unparalleled speeds. Just push your raw data to our Ingestion API and we’ll take care of the rest!


Real-time insights

Monitor your key metrics in real-time dashboards!

Experience merely sub-second delays between the time when an action is performed, its data ingestion, enrichment and when it is displayed in the dashboards. Use these real-time insights to make relevant business decisions and tackle any in-the-moment issues.


Efficient reporting & actionable insights at your fingertips

Free yourself from pre-defined metrics and gain back control of your first party data.

By defining your own custom metrics with any combination of dimensions quickly and easily, you can now ditch the tedious task of exporting raw data to a third party app to perform further analysis.

Need to come up with a report for your team in an hour?

No need to worry - get a dashboard with all the necessary data up and running within minutes and share the insights with the right people at the right time.


360 degrees of data integration: Single Customer View on the Customer Data Platform

Deep.BI is designed to be an all-in-one customer data platform for all your needs.

Whether this means consolidating several tools into one or taking action directly from the platform, or both, we’ve integrated 3rd party solutions not only in terms of ingestion but also pushing triggers for a multitude of personalization process and other automations.




User behavior: habits, engagement, loyalty, retention, churn

Never miss a beat with proper segmentation of users according to their behavior.

Predictively anticipate behaviors through historical data and through our platform with Artificial Intelligence integrations to propel you to the next level of customer satisfaction.

Deep.BI uses RFV scores to provide metrics to help clients grow a paying, loyal user base, using re-engagement strategies such as newsletters, push notifications and ads.


Real-time user scoring

Take the right action towards the right users at the right time with our real‑time user scoring system.

Whether this is on a website, app or service ‑ take your automation to the next level, ditching rule-based actions and opting for intuitive triggers that make decision-making and your offers much more actionable.


Content Performance

Make sure your editorial teams are at the top of their game with content performance monitoring.

Be sure that the top performing content is enabled to do more and to know what your users are most likely to enjoy and expect from you. Cut the fat where it’s necessary and keep what really matters.


Display, product or native ad performance/viewability

Up to 80% of ad placements aren’t visible to users on mobile devices - even though in theory the placements are there, they may not be visible to users.

Keep your ads monitored and optimized throughout your digital assets portfolio through continuous and automatic ad placement optimization and ad selection for the right people at the right time to make the best of your ad servers with our built-in integrations.


Marketing & Email Optimization


Email marketing optimization

Increase your email marketing performance by up to 10x by automatic target group selection and continuous improvement with our integrated AI algorithms.

Our algorithms are especially suited for large numbers of users and a high volume of campaigns. We do this through exploratory analysis of the campaigns, feature engineering and testing multiple AI models to find the top performing one that is the best fit for your user base.


Display, product or native ad performance/viewability

Track your ad placements, your running campaigns and communicate these results to clients easily and intuitively.

Be sure that your targeted campaigns are reaching users - more importantly the right ones at the right time. Optimize your campaigns and decrease your overall CPC/CPM with clicks and impressions that actually convert!




Fraud detection in retail stores/restaurants

Deep.BI uses AI pattern detection to analyze POS transaction data and detect employee fraud.

We don’t just look at transactions one-by-one; we analyze employee history and location aggregate data, along with in-transaction data about item deletes, item additions, refunds, etc. through neural networks and machine learning models to spot irregularities invisible to the human eye.


Retail store & restaurant business performance and speed of service

Beyond just fraud detection, retailers can use our platform to optimize their business through data.

Whether you are comparing locations, scoring the productivity of employees, identifying pain points in your business, or more, Deep.BI lets you use both real-time and historical data to make evidence-backed business decisions to drive success.