Deep.BI's Manifesto: The easiest way to leverage big data and predictive analytics in media companies

Yes, this is what Deep.BI is! Our mission is to bring the most advanced tech to news publishers, digital platforms, TVs and other media companies in the easiest possible way.

Publishers struggle to use data

Let's face it: many digital publishing businesses struggle to make profits.

The best use of data is made by external “partners” such ad networks, analytics, plugins and publishers mainly don’t own their first party data. This leads to rarely working monetizations models based on external tools and data: ads with CPMs getting lower and lower, subscriptions systems, recommendation engines.

Only few, the biggest digital publishers like Financial Times, New York Times, Washington Post or Guardian took control of their data by implementing their own in-house big data platforms. All the rest must go along to survive.

To help publishers make use of their data to increase profitability, introduce new products and monetization models Deep.BI provides the most advanced, complete big data/AI platform, hiding all the complexity, and focusing on easiness of use.

Deep.BI at a glance

Custom metrics that matters

We all know the low value of PV. Every newsroom and business need their own, custom crafted measures that helps to achieve long-term goals.

Advanced segmentation by user attributes and behavior

Measure audience loyalty, engagement, LTV and invest in the most profitable segments in your acquisition and retention activities.

KPI definition, tracking and forecasting (predictions)

Define goals for your teams or individuals (e.g. authors). Deep.BI will track perfomance real-time and predict goal completion.

Craft your own dashboards

to help team make data-driven decisions.

Build your own dashboards to help team make data-driven decisions

Don’t overwhelm your editors, ad planners, marketing teams by too many tools and dashboards. Define what matters and provide it in real-time

Use natural language to get insights via Slackbot

Editors and publishing staff often aren’t tech-savvy people. Why not to allow them get insights just by talking to our artificial intelligence bot on Slack?

Know what’s important just in time

Combining our real-time technology, alerts and AI-powered bot gives your team valuable, on-time insights without the need of staring at dashboards all day long.

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