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Media Conferences and Events in 2020

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January 8, 2020
Media Conferences and Events in 2020
Guest User
January 8, 2020
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January 8, 2020
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January 8, 2020
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We are pleased to offer our readers this round-up of global media conferences and events. Please note that as a work in progress we shall keep this list regularly updated. If you would like to suggest any new additions please let us know in the comments section or contact us directly. Alternatively, if you'd like to stay up-to-date on any new and interesting events make sure to subscribe to receive newsletter updates from us!



Digital Media India 2020 by Digiday

18-19 February, Dehli, India

Connect with the right people at this industry get-together with more than 200 senior publishing executives from over 15 countries : CEOs, CDOs, Senior editors and journalist, Digital Editors-in-Chief, CMOs, Digital revenues strategists, Heads of sales, Media buyers and Advertising Agencies.


17-19 February, Fort Worth, TX

Experience face-to-face networking with more than 700 media executives to discuss new approaches and new solutions to issues facing the industry.

Media Subscriptions Week 3.0 by INMA 25-28 February, New York

The INMA Media Subscriptions Week is the deepest dive into the state of digital subscriptions in the news industry today.


Digiday Publishing Summit Europe

3-5 March, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Look at how media owners across Europe are building products to monetize audiences, sifting through data and incorporating insights. Join an influential group of publishers to go deep on how they're organizing to avoid the subscription churn spiral, working out their ad strategies without third-party cookies and building DTC businesses through commerce, licensing and affiliates.

Asian Media Leaders Summit

11-12 March 2020, Singapore

A high-level interactive strategic conference to reflect on the future of news and media, showcase best practices from leading newsrooms, as well as explore cutting-edge technologies which will transform the media landscape.

15th Middle East Conference - Future of News by WAN-IFRA

23-24 March, Dubai, UAE

As the media industry continues to respond to challenging markets and evolving user needs, this conference examines opportunities for news publishers to secure the Future of News. The case studies of media houses from around the globe will present specific strategies around product, business model transformation, digital subscriptions and newsroom transformation.

Digital Innovators Conference by FIPP

24-25 March, Berlin, Germany

Europe's annual premium event for media companies. Now in its13th year, DIS is a must attend event — an essential platform for quality media to share insights and innovation. DIS is hosted by FIPP, the network for global media and VDZ, the association for German publishers.

Digiday Publishing Summit

25-28 March, Vail, Colorado, USA

At the Digiday Publishing Summit, we’ll discuss how publishers are keeping up with both internal and external pressures to find harmony -- from audience models to advertising versus subscriptions to balancing the strength of a brand.

Join us for three days of honest insights and new connections with an influential group of decision makers organized around three key areas: programmatic, revenue and product.

America East Conference

30 March - 1 April, Hershey, PA, USA

America East attendees come from news media organizations of varying circulations and represent all areas of responsibilities, including management, sales/marketing, circulation, editorial, production, and digital.

Digital Media Europe 2020 by WAN-IFRA

31 March - 1 April, Vienna, Austria

#DME20 is the most comprehensive event for digital revenue topics in news publishing. In 2020 we are launching two parallel conferences: DME Subscription Marketing and DME Premium Advertising.


World News Congress by INMA

23-28 April, Paris, France

Join INMA in a week of rejuvenation, discovery, and celebration of strategies, trends, and revenue models — against the backdrop of the City Of Lights (and a surprising media scene).



6-7 May, Brighton, UK

Campaign’s Media360 event brings together brands, media agencies, media owners and technology companies to discuss how to power growth in the face of disruption. Key themes on the 2020 agenda include preparing for a cookie-less future, sustainable business models, and what we can learn in the age of ecommerce and streaming.

PPA Festival 2020

9 May, London, UK

Debate and discuss the big questions facing consumer magazine and business media brands today, and to look ahead at how the answers are shaping the sector’s tomorrow. Look at all aspects of professional publishing – from direct and digital marketing, to events, advertising, editorial and beyond – across multiple stages throughout the day.

Digital Congress beBETA

27-28 May, Berlin, Germany

Digitization is changing: business models, processes, markets - and this constantly - without an end point. Whoever stands still loses. “Zeitung Digital” becomes beBETA - and the name says it all. It's about dynamics, change, developments and interaction.


72nd World News Media Congress by WAN-IFRA

17-19 June, Zaragoza, Spain

Editors and journalists will have a great opportunity to analyze and discuss the News Media industry’s challenges at its current crossroads between content and technology, advertising and readership, cooperation and competitiveness – while enjoying one of the best places to be while they are at it.



South Asia Media Festival by INMA

*6-7 August, New Dehli, India

Take a deep dive into the strategies, transformations, inspirations, and celebrations of the South Asia news media scene. The INMA South Asia Media Festival will feature a strategy and best-practices conference for management teams, a study tour of Delhi media leaders and digital start-ups, and topical seminars.


Latin America News Media Conference by INMA

9-11 September, Lima, Peru

Media executives from throughout Spanish Latin America will gather for this annual conference aimed at presenting best practices to grow audience, advertising, and brand. Learn from Latin American peers the practicalities of balancing print and digital in fast-changing markets from Mexico in the north to Chile in the south. Learn about the transformation of the journalism business model, new audience opportunities, the challenge of innovation.

43rd World Media Congress by FIPP

15-16 September, Estoril, Portugal

Bringing together top executives of the leading companies in the global media industry, and the hugely successful Digital Innovators’ Summit (DIS) in conjunction with the Association of German Magazine Publishers (VDZ), which attracts over 600 international delegates from companies like Bloomberg, Axel Springer, The New York Times, IBM and Amazon.

Annual ATDL Seminar

9-11 September, Panama City, Panama

Ongoing industry changes make it increasingly necessary to share experiences, exchange visions, explore new forms of business, and work side by side with suppliers and the rest of the ecosystem.

ONA Conference

30 September - 1 October, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Record-breaking numbers of journalists travel to ONA’s conference each year to learn about new tools, techniques and technologies, to discuss advancements and challenges in the industry, take advantage of the rare opportunity to network face-to-face, and share best practices with peers from all over the map.


Media Innovation Week by INMA

5-9 October, Dublin, Ireland

Media executives from across the continent gather for a passionate and creative look at the changing revenue and brand dynamics impacting the relationship between content and audiences. With a special emphasis this year on how tech (innovation) and media can work together.

The Newsroom Summit 2020 by WAN-IFRA

20-21 October, Munich, Germany

Editorial strategies for engaging, high-performing, premium content.



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