New in Deep.BI: Refreshed Interface


As we continue to develop the Deep.BI platform, expand our areas of focus, and update core product experiences, we want our brand to best reflect our belief in making organizations data-informed by allowing you to easily access massive amounts of raw data, gather actionable insights and support daily business operations across all your teams. 

We think of our platform as a continually evolving project. Just as people, data, and companies grow, so do we.

The refreshed interface is just the first in many new exciting features and experiences being planned for execution over the next months. All these new features are focused on providing you with improved tools for better decision making from day one through highly actionable data.

What has changed in the interface?

We have removed a lot of elements that divert attention from the data:

We have refined the charts:

We have made the interface more consistent:

We have added a home screen:

We have improved dashboards sharing:


We introduced a live view of sent events:

We made integration with Deep.BI even easier:

If you’d like to see the platform in action on live data and learn how Deep.BI is outstanding other analytics solutions available right now, click on the button below, and we’ll reach out to you straight away.