TechHub Warsaw & Deep.BI starts Artificial Intelligence Technical Meetups

We are proud to announce that TechHub / Google Campus Warsaw & Deep.BI has started a series of technical meetups for data scientists to teach artificial intelligence.

Whatever hot area you are working in (AI, cognitive science, machine learning) constructing a valid model that has forecast and adaptive capabilities is a task of utmost importance.

This is a field with an overwhelming number of approaches, myths, spectacular successes and opportunities.

Deep.BI's data scientists will share their knowledge and experience in the practical application of a variety of techniques. Lectures will be both theoretical and hands-on. Supportive examples and exercises will be provided in R.

To attend this meetup you need a basic knowledge of computer science, algorithms, analysis, and algebra.

The first lecture covers information-based approaches with the following topics:

  • idea,

  • ID3,

  • interpretability of decision trees,

  • pruning

  • bagging

  • random forest

This lecture will be held by Deep.BI's data scientists: Pawel Jakubas, PhD and Oksana Volnianska, PhD.

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Bring your laptop and we'll see you there!