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Big Data is at the heart of the "smarter" revolution. The basic idea behind the phrase ‘’Big Data’’ is that everything we do is increasingly leaving digital traces (or data) which we can use to analyse and become smarter as a business.

Despite the noise around Big Data, the real value is not in the large volumes of data but what we can now do with it. We have the ability to analyse vast and complex data sets beyond anything we could ever do before. Innovations such as cloud computing combined with improved network speed along with creative techniques to analyse data have resulted in the new ability to turn vast amounts of complex data into value for businesses. This means that any business can now use Big Data to become smarter and improve their decision-making.

Most businesses have more than enough data to use constructively. They just don’t know how to use it. The reality is that most companies are already data-rich but insight-poor. Ask yourself a simple question, how well do you know your customers?

For Big Data giants like Google, Facebook or Amazon, every tiny piece of data may very well be valuable to some extent or another. But only because those companies have the analytical expertise, money and technological capability to invest in sufficient storage capacity and mine those massive data sets to deliver insights.

The vast majority of brands will never have the time, money, expertise or inclination to crunch the data in the way that these giants can. However, that doesn’t mean that you just have to accept this and ignore the valuable insights that data can provide. Fortunately, Deep.BI has entered the marketplace, with comprehensive capabilities in integrating customer data and making it actionable:

First-Party Data Collection and Ownership: Our platform unifies data from onsite domains (web, mobile apps, etc.); offsite, including all display ads, emails, and more. Any customer data layer that is first party can be connected to your brand.

Single View of the Customer:We provide a single view across all channels and devices, as well as offline touch points. In effect, our platform allows businesses to connect the dots across the customer journey via easy-to-build dashboards shareable across teams.

Persistent Customer Profiles: Data can be unified in persistent customer profiles and segments, which track all customer interactions and ad impressions, in the process of building a continuously updated history of unique individuals or target groups.

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Cross-Device Stitching: The platform overcomes problems associated with collecting data using third-party cookies, which make it impossible to distinguish a unique individual as he or she switches from one device to the next. We provide the technology to stitch data, identifying a user across different touch points by unique keys or identifiers.

Real-Time Decision-Making: Decisions required to optimise marketing and advertising have real-time data collection where latency is less then 1s and distribution of insight to optimise marketing campaigns, re-target, optimise the conversion funnel, to name just as few.

Deep Integrations with the Digital Eco-System: We provide extensive, pre-built integrations with the larger digital marketing eco-system. This enables us to bridge more technology as well as your first-party data sources on a comprehensive scale.

Deep.BI has the tools to navigate the oceans of data to find pockets of meaning and deliver actionable insights. Our goal is to help digital publishers and brands make use of their data to increasing profitability through the introduction of new products and monetisation models.

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